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About Finely Corked

Wow - What is this?

The idea for Finely Corked came about quite innocently one Sunday afternoon back in 1999. I was at a friend’s house visiting, when I was asked to do the honors and open a nice bottle of Chardonnay. My friend handed me this very unique high-tech corkscrew, which I proceeded to insert into the cork - like a butter on a hot knife. The lever action was so smooth and easy that opening this bottle was like nothing I had experienced before. If you've ever sat in a high performance luxury car, and taken a sharp turn at 80 miles an hour, you know what I mean.... Precise, firm, secure.

Wow, what is this?

My friend explained that she had just received the Screwpull by Le Creuset as a special gift from a close friend. Her friend had hunted all over New York city to find this special gift. It was a truly unique experience, opening this bottle of wine with one of the world’s finest corkscrews.

I looked at my friend, and wondered if other people might enjoy the unique experience of opening a bottle of wine with one of the finest luxury corkscrews available anywhere. We sat there and agreed. People are constantly looking for unique wine gift ideas, at great prices for that special occasion. What if people could browse a web store, and find a very unique collection of wine related gift ideas - all in one place.

As I did my research, I discovered that there were a lot of web sites where I could buy wine, order a cheap corkscrew, or find a collector who would try to sell me something. But there was no one site where I could find a great selection of the finest corkscrews, wine accessories and gift ideas organized in one store front, with a focus on making my shopping experience fast, easy, and secure...

And so, Finely Corked was born

I set out to build a team of individuals who could delivery on the promise of great products, exceptional customer service, fast delivery, and secure and easy Internet shopping. At Finely Corked, our team shares the company's commitment to these principals.

In addition to this shared vision, we have the expertise to delivery on the promise (Our team includes experts in Internet software technology, consumer marketing, and customer service). We all work together to ensure that shopping at Finely Corked is a completely satisfying experience.

And so, with our combined experience, we launched Finely Corked just before the Christmas of 1999. We stocked our virtual shelves with the very best wine gifts, from the finest manufacturers in the world including Le Creuset, Metrokane, Chateau Laguiole, L'Esprit & le vin, Rogar, Monopol......

Since 1999 we’ve shipped wine accessories all over the world to places like England, Australia, Germany, Canada, the USA, Japan, the Arab Emirates ...... The FedEx people know us really well :-)

So drop in, take a peek at our wine gift catalog and see if we can’t help you find something special for yourself or a wine crazed friends......



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